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Five Fashion Finds We Love

1. The Statement Bag

Whenever you are feeling painfully uninspired by your wardrobe, let a statement bag be your muse. Get inspired by checking out our Plenty Patterns Clutch.


2. Ankle Bootie Sandal

This shoe, much like the sleeveless sweater, doesn’t seem logical. We decided it doesn’t have to make sense; we love it anyway! The ankle boot sandal can give any outfit an edgy look. We especially like to pair this type of shoe with softer prints and fabrics. Check out our Gridlock Bootie featured below.

3. Embellished Necklines

Whether it’s a casual outing or a big occasion, embellished necklines can spruce up any outfit! Check out our Vida Top or our Rose Merry Dress.


4. The Midi

The Midi provides subtle sex appeal. We appreciate being noticed without being obvious. Get to know our Now You See Me Black Mesh Midi Bodycon Dress or our Harvest Skirt.


5. The Mid Calf Boot

This versatile boot can be worn year round with a pair of moto biker skinny pants or a lace eyelet country chic dress. We especially love mid calf boots with amazing details like our RE Boot featured below.

What fashion finds do you love?



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