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Rag & Muffin Invites You To Meet Jordan

Rag & Muffin: Describe your personal style in three words. 

Jordan: Classic. Preppy. Inspired. 

Rag & Muffin: How would you describe your personal style five years ago?

Jordan: I would say that my style was just coming into its own, five years ago. Before then, I was pretty content wearing a relatively loose fitting shirt, jeans, and some sneakers. I was 21, and that's really when I decided that I wanted to step my game up, in regards to expressing who I was through my clothing. I'd grown up always seeing my dad looking fly in his clothes, and I wanted to be able to reach that same level of style. However, I wanted to make it my own, and separate myself from the rest. I realized that I reached that point once friends would start pointing pieces of clothing out to me and saying "This looks like something you'd wear!"

Rag & Muffin: What is one quintessential outfit of a gentleman?

Jordan: One outfit that I would deem as being perfect or required of a gentleman is a quality suit. Every man should feel the desire to have at least one suit in his repertoire, especially if they want to hold their own in a professional setting. A suit jacket, slacks, dress shoes, dress shirt and a tie would be the minimum to make up this potential suit. And of course don't forget the belt, fellas! 

Rag & Muffin: What is your favorite fashion trend right now? 

Jordan: I'm honestly not a big fan of trends, because I enjoy classic  pieces that will never go out of style. But if I had to choose something that's big right now, I'd have to say skinny ties. I'm a fan of the show "Mad Men," and they wear those ties religiously. It's definitely a trend that's coming back in a big way, and I feel like they compliment my slim build!

Rag & Muffin: What's one article of clothing you can't live without?

Jordan: Oh geez, this is a tough one. I'm going to have to say it's a tossup between bowties and boat shoes. I chose bowties because there are just so many suit combinations that one can put together by simply changing the color or design of a bowtie. Plus, they're just fun to wear and tie. I picked boat shoes simply because I wear them so often. They were just too comfortable and versatile for me to pass up when it comes to choosing something I can't live without.

Rag & Muffin: How can people connect with you?

Jordan: I can be found talking about fashion and gentleman advice on my blog. I'm also on

Instagram and Twitter.


IG: @gkue_4

Twitter: @ProfessorPitts

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