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Rag & Muffin's "All White Party" Accessory Guide

There is nothing like an all white affair to solidify an epic summer. There is just something absolutely chic about a sea of people dressed in their best all white summer duds that we love. We want to make sure you stand out from the crowd by equipping you with our top five must-have fashion accessories! 

1. Statement Jewelry- Wearing all white is never boring when you adorn yourself with beautiful statement jewelry. Shop all of these amazing clearance pieces at


2. Drool Worthy Shoes- Part of the reason why we love all white parties is because it takes 95% of the guesswork out of what to wear. You'll want to stand apart from the crowd by rocking a statement shoe like our Rapid Blaze Hologram Sandal or our Avery Speckled Sandal! Take 15% off these daring fashion finds by using code RMLOVESYOU at checkout!

3. Must- Have Statement Bag - What better way to set yourself apart than with an eye catching statement bag?! Shop the entire R&M Klutch Handbag Collection here

4. Tide To Go Pen- This is a total life saver, especially when you are wearing all white! Throw a Tide To Go Pen in your bag and be prepared for life's unexpected spills.

5. A great pair of Sunnies- If you are outside, you'll need a great pair of fashionable sunglasses to protect your eyes while still looking fabulous. Shop our R&MxSpitfire sunnies and take 25% off by using code RMSPIT25% at checkout for a limited time.


 What are some of your All-White Party essentials? Share your must-haves below!

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