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Rag & Muffin Invites You To Meet Andreya

Rag & Muffin: Describe your personal style in three words. 

Andreya: Urban Tomboy Chic 

Rag & Muffin: Describe your personal style five years ago.

Andreya: I was color blocking before it became a trend! I guess you can say I did bright colors and even brighter hair! 

Rag & Muffin: What is your favorite fashion trend right now? 

Andreya: My favorite fashion trend right now has to be sweat joggers and pumps. I love the chic street style.

Rag & Muffin: What's one article of clothing you can't live without?

Andreya: I can not live without my leggings! I know it's super basic, but they are my go to bottoms. I can dress them up or dress them down. They are the perfect fit for any occasion!

Rag & Muffin: How do you translate your love of fashion into your clothing designs?

Andreya: I translate my love for fashion with my designs by the variety of fabrics I use and the intricate detail I put into each garment. It's like my tag line goes : Exclusive designs sewn with love!  My garments are called LoveLace for a reason!

Rag & Muffin: How can people connect with you?

Andreya: People can connect with me via email! You can browse my latest collections at Also, I'm not just your future fav designer, I'm a stylist too! Check out my Instagram for daily style inspiration @thisislovelace.

Take a look at some of Andreya's Work!


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