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Rael Himalayan Pink Salt Toothpaste

Rael Himalayan Pink Salt Toothpaste

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Rael was created for women by women. We are committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients, developing innovative products, and offering easy access to healthy alternatives for women around the world. Hormonal changes throughout your cycle and as you age may not only show on your face—your mouth could feel it too. It's okay to get salty about it.

Our sls and fluoride-free himalayan pink salt toothpaste contains minerals that naturally detoxify your mouth, strengthen teeth, and protect tooth enamel for your happiest, healthiest smile every day. Made with all-natural himalayan pink salt, rich with over 80 minerals that are naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Made without harsh chemicals that can irritate your mouth's protective lining and absorb into your bloodstream through your gums.