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Rag & Muffin Invites You To Meet Allison

R&M: Describe your personal style in three words.

Timeless, Effortless, Unique.

R&M: How would describe your personal style five years ago? 
I actually still own some articles of clothing, accessories and shoes from five years ago. I've always loved to layer and accessorize. I've never been afraid to take risks and try different things when it comes to fashion. I wasn't really cognizant of designers beyond jeans, but I've always valued quality clothing. Being in my early 20's five years ago, I would say my style was a little more edgier than today.

R&M: What's the last thing you think of before hitting the runway? 
Depending on how early we had to be on set, I'm just ready to get out there and get the show on the road lol. I really enjoy doing runway though, so when the show actually starts, I'm thinking "It's showtime! Let's rip this runway!"

R&M: What is your favorite fashion trend right now? 
I really really love being comfortable and chill, so joggers are my absolute favorite. You can dress them up or dress them down. You can find me in a pair of joggers and Tims at least once a week!

R&M: What's one article of clothing you can't live without? 
I LOVEEEEE turtlenecks. Quality turtlenecks. It's so funny because growing up I hated turtlenecks, but I love a good turtleneck now. I always wait for the anniversary sale at Nordstrom and rack up on them. Turtlenecks are a for sure essential piece to my wardrobe.

R&M: How can people connect with you? 
I'm projecting the launch of my website to be Spring 2015. While my website is under construction, I can be contacted for services via email at You can also follow me on Instagram at @AlloForShort. 

 Check out some of Allison's work as a stylist below!


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