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Rag & Muffin Invites You To Meet Nikki


Rag & Muffin: Describe your personal style in three words.                                         

Nikki: Charming, Captivating, and Courageous.

    Rag & Muffin: How would you describe your personal style five years ago?

    Nikki: It is interesting how trends affect our daily style.  In the past, I would mirror what I thought were the "latest trends." I was inspired by colors and shapes and some of my friends would actually call me "Skittles!" Fashion has so many facets of exploration that it leaves endless options. Our style is simply the canvas we paint.

      Rag & Muffin: What is your favorite fashion trend right now?

      Nikki: Currently, I am slightly obsessed with the fringe. I always loved the Roaring 20's and the fringe captures the details of that era.

      Rag & Muffin: What's one article of clothing you can't live without? 

      Nikki: The one article of clothing that could never leave my sight is "The White Blazer." It seems to compliment so many looks while providing a polished finish.

      Rag & Muffin: How do you translate your love of fashion into your clothing designs? 

      Nikki: I honestly love the many faces of fashion. You can become whoever you desire with the right combinations. There are many faces of fashion and this same concept is true for a woman. We have so many sides: Nurture vs working woman, Conservative vs Daredevil, Chic vs Grunge, Dominant vs Submissive. This inspires my designs as I aim to illustrate the collected perspectives of who women are and what they appear to be.

      Rag & Muffin: How can people connect with you? 

      Nikki: Justice Outlaw, which I am completely excited about, will be launching in March! Prior to the website launch, I can be reached through my personal LinkedIn: Nikki Barnes or Instagram: Niko0214. The future for JO is electrifying and I look forward to the many adventures that will come. I will be sure to give Rag & Muffin the update this spring.

      Take a look at some of Nikki's previous work!



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