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Rag & Muffin: Off The Shoulder Fashion Finds

Rag & Muffin: Off The Shoulder Fashion Finds

FOREVER21 Women's Crochet Off-the-Shoulder Dress FOREVER21 Women's Lace-Trimmed Off-The-Shoulder Top FOREVER21 Women's Embroidery Off-the-Shoulder Top LOVE21 Women's Contemporary Ribbon-Accent Top


In an effort to fill a void in our product offerings, we decided it was...

Rag & Muffin New Arrival Alert: Meet Iris

We recently shared our top five fashion trends we just couldn't leave behind in 2015 (Check out our previous blog post ). One of our most beloved was the calf/cow hair trend. Considering our latest fashion find is utterly amazing, we want to expand that category to include pony hair as well!

Our Iris Pony Hair Pump is priced at over 50% off retail and available in sizes 8.5, 9, & 10. Shop now by searching "Iris" or just visit our New Arrivals section Read the article

Top 5 Fashion Trends We Couldn't Leave In 2015

It's a new year, but we simply couldn't leave these fashion trends in 2015. Check out what fashion trends we are STILL absolutely obsessed with below. 

1. Fringe: We just can't get enough of this trend! We especially love refreshing displays of the fringe trend like this Cobalt Blue Fringe Satchel Handbag or this playful pink fringe fanny pack . Shop both in our New Arrivals Section. 

2. Sequins: We will never get tired of a lil' or...

Rag & Muffin Halloween Style Remix

Rag & Muffin is remixing popular Halloween costumes in a chic & fashionable way! We've styled some of our new arrivals in celebration of Halloween and we need your help. Comment below with some popular Halloween costumes and we will post our remixed style inspo this weekend! Join the fun and connect with us on Polyvore at Rag-Muffin to follow all of our style sets. Don't forget to check out our New Arrivals here!

Rag & Muffin New Arrival

Shop our latest arrival, the Raven Peplum Top in our New Arrivals Section by clicking here. Want to know how you can save a few coins? Take advantage of our pre-order pricing and snag this fashion find for $34.50 before 11/2/15.~ Happy Shopping!

Rag & Muffin-Posh With Peplum