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Rag & Muffin Invites You To Meet Ruby Brown

R&M: Describe your personal style in three words.  

Ruby: Unorthodox. Moody. Distinguished.

R&M: What is one article of clothing you can't live without? Why?

Ruby: A banging handbag/purse. To me, a purse completes and sets the tone for my outfit. Whether I'm wearing jogging pants or a suit, it instantly refines my outfit and makes the statement for me.

R&M: How do you translate your love of fashion into your hair cuts/designs?

Ruby: Fashion and hair are forms of art; and wearable art at that. It's the most liberating way to express yourself, requiring little to no explanation. When I meet or interact with a client, the first thing I notice is their outfit and demeanor. Their sense of fashion pretty much tells me the type of person they are.  I do my best to incorporate who they are in my styling process, yet add a little "Ruby" flare to it. "Ruby" flare is bold. I'm very persuasive (lol), so often times my clients leave getting something totally opposite of what they came in for. My biggest accomplishment is when a clients says "I trust you", and leaves in love with my creation.

R&M: Have you ever experienced a dissatisfied client? If so, how did you rectify the situation?

Ruby: Oh, absolutely!!  Not too many, thank God.....but some, yes. Not necessarily that they were unsatisfied with the work I did, but more-so, just not used to change. Believe it or not, women tie a lot of emotion into their hair.  I've had clients cry just from getting a bang or no longer having a weave.  So sometimes it does get very emotional. My job is to be an encourager.  I don't take it personally.  Usually I empathize with them for a moment, then begin to highlight all of their beauty and the joy of change.....ensuring them that its "only hair". Generally the initial response is skeptical, but by their next appointment they are in love and ready to keep exploring.  MY JOB IS DONE (LOL)!!!

R&M: What are some key pieces of advice you have for aspiring hair stylists?


  •  BE YOU! Learn and take with you the foundation of hair, and make it your own.  Because the industry is so vast, sometimes you may feel like a "repeat", but we all are uniquely designed with something special that the next stylist may not possess. Don't look at the beauty industry as a competition; that's the obvious; rather only compete with yourself.  Be better than you were, last month or year.  

  • Work hard and obtain as much knowledge as you can.  As long as you are living there is something to learn.  

  • Help each other. Again, you are only in competition with yourself, no need to be greedy or withhold. Give and you shall receive.  

  • A Great personality can take you just as far as great talent. Take pride in professionalism. If you want to get and keep your clients, or get those big jobs and contracts; you MUST have the personality, tact, and professionalism to match. Your name means everything in the beauty industry, and often times you only have one shot to make it right.  A negative experience is like a bad rumor, it travels much quicker than the positive experiences.

  •  Keep going!!  When you want to give up, just keep going.  It will all be worth it.

R&M: How can people connect with you?


Instagram:  @rubyreddcheeks

Business inquiries:

Appointment Booking:


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